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Stand up for the rights of neurodiverse young people

in our education system

Join us at Young Neurodiversity Champions!

One in 5 - or 320,000 - young people in New Zealand are neurodiverse. They have brains wired to think, learn, perceive the world and feel differently from neurotypical people.

The Neurodiversity in Education Coalition - Autism NZ, ADHD NZ, the Dyslexia Foundation of NZ and the NZ Centre for Gifted Education - brings together four organisations working at the frontlines in our education system. We see every day the failure of that system to provide for the needs of neurodiverse ākonga, and we see the massive individual, community and economic cost of that failure.  


We are standing together to demand change so that neurodiverse young people can unlock their enormous potential, and confidence in who they are.


Stand together with us - there are lots of ways to join in.

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Is Your School A
Neuroinclusive School?


Wear the shirt!

Wear the shirt! Show your support for neurodiverse rangatahi to the world with one of our cool t-shirts, hoodies, caps or totes.

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Meet 15 young neurodiverse Kiwis standing up for change!

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