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School Strategic
Plans Campaign

2023 is a year of big transition in terms of school planning and reporting. School boards are now required to develop a three year strategic plan with an annual implementation plan, in consultation with communities, ready for 1 January 2024. The strategic plan must include strategies for identifying and catering to students whose needs have not yet been well met.


We will be spearheading a national campaign to support parents calling for supporting neurodiverse learners to be a top strategic priority at their school. We will be facilitating parents coming together as advocates on a school by school basis, and developing resources for schools to help them take this step forward.

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"I had been so ashamed all through school of my many “faults”. When I got diagnosed, I realised that they were not because I wasn’t trying or incompetent at basic human activities but because of a difference in my brain structure. It changed my life."

- One of our Young Neurodiversity Champions

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