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Re: News - 'It's my superpower' how a dyslexia diagnosis helps this teen succeed (30 March 2023)

Elliot Jones was 12-years-old when he finally got diagnosed with dyslexia but instead of treating it as a learning difficulty, he sees it as a superpower.

“If someone offered me, you know, a magic pill that would…take away my dyslexia, I would never on Earth take that,” he says.

The now 18-year-old has become an advocate for dyslexia and has been nominated for young New Zealander of the Year for his push to transform the way people think about the condition.

Jones has always been really positive about his diagnosis because it helps him look at situations creatively.

“I kind of take the view that you know, dyslexia brings you small negatives, but dyslexia is a real strength,” he told Re: News.


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